Gum Health and Lumineers?

 What contraindications are known about lumineers in relation to gum disease?

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Lumineers and Gum Health

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Placing Lumineers or any other no prep veneer required "finishing" of the veneer at the gum edge with a dental drill or bur. The Lumineer people even recommend it.   Finishing any porcelain restoration at the gum line will promote some degree of gingivitis.  This may not lead to periodontitis but could be chronic or lead to recession. No matter how skilled the practitioner is the tooth with the Lumineer will be overcontoured as compared to a prepared veneer.  These are 2 undeniable FACTS!

Properly done prepared veneers will promote the least adverse gum reaction of all veneers.  Another FACT!  Poorly done veneers of any kind will promote gum disease.  FACT 4!


Prone to Gum Disease and Lumineers

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There is no hard and fast rule that people fighting gum disease can not get lumineers. Gum disease does not automatically disqualify an individual, although virtually all dentists will recommend treating the gum disease first before placing the lumineers.  The health of your gums directly affects how the lumineers will look and work. If there is gum disease present, the gum inflammation can cause the lumineers to look bulky and defeat the whole purpose of the cosmetic procedure. You mentioned you were prone to gum disease. I would talk to a periodontist and get his opinion. His speciality is treating gum disease.  I think most dentists would not want to do lumineers if there is gum inflammation present and would shy away from it. They want your gums to be healthy and you to be happy with your comsmetic procedure.

Robert Fields, DDS
Van Nuys Dentist

Can Lumineers cause gum problems.`

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They must be done correctly! if not, you  will be left with a "ledge" of porcelain at the gum line which will trap bacteria and illicit gum disease.

Mitchell A. Josephs, DDS
Palm Beach Dentist

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Lumineers and Gum Disease

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Some dentists who have never done Lumineers (or another NO-preparation veneer) might say that these kinds of veneers promote gum disease. This is simply not true. A no-preparation veneer if done well will be have no adverse affect on gum health. However, a poorly done veneer OF ANY KIND will definitely promote gum disease.

Good luck!

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