Grooming After Hair Transplantation

How long after hair follicular transplantation can one expect beging to use ahair dryer, hair wax/gel, can the hair be straightened, and can it be coloured? and can the follicles be taken from anywhere on the body?

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Basic Hair Transplant Care

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My basic rule of thumb is: no chemicals for 5-6 weeks.

  1. From 2nd-10th days: use gentle (baby) shampoo with the least amout of additives so the fresh transplant sites aren't irritated.
  2. After 2-3 weeks, you can go back to most regular shampoos.
  3. I advise my patients to do any hair coloring 2 weeks BEFORE their transplant, and the generally not again unitl 5-6 weeks after the transplant. By that time, the transplanted hairs will be in their "resting stage" before starting to grow out in the 3rd or 4th month.
  4. You should avoid using a hair dryer on the hottest setting for 2-3 weeks after surgery because your touch and temperature sensation can be numb for at leat that long after the transplant.
  5. You should avoid combing, brushing, or blow drying the hair (with even the cool setting) until the small scabs and flakes have gone away on their own.

Hope that helps.

Palo Alto Facial Plastic Surgeon
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It is difficult to remember the timeline from everything from coloring hair to cutting hair. I generally tell patients a month.  That covers just about everything.  One can comb hair after 10 days or so when the scabs are off.  It is better to color hair a month before the procedure than after.

Grooming Post Hair Transplant

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Our patients can use a hair dryer, wax, and hair gel 2 weeks after hair transplantation.  Chemical straightening/coloring at 6 weeks post.  Hair can be taken from other areas of the body but we find the highest level of patient satisfaction when the follicles are taken from the back or sides of the head.

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Grooming Hair after Transplant

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After about two weeks I let patients resume normal hair care, but remember, the new grafts will not start growing hair for three to four months.  You certainly can groom the original hair that was there, but be careful to keep the hair dryer on a relatively low setting especially the first few weeks. Too much heat from the hair dryer can damage the follicles as they are acquiring their new blood supply the first few weeks.

Jack Fisher, MD
Nashville Plastic Surgeon

Existing hair can be styled 3-5 days after surgery

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To be conservative, I advise my patients to only run water over their hair for the first 1-3 days after surgery, toweling gently and letting the hair air dry. I do not recommending washing with shampoo and conditioner until 3 days after surgery, and even then they should be gentle with hair dryers and other vigorous hair styling techniques such as curling irons or flat irons. If you are a man it is probably safe to start using hair gel after 3-5 days but again try to minimized pulling or rubbing of the scalp. If you routinely color your hair, I would recommend getting it touched up 2-3 days before the surgery so you will not need to re-treat it for at least several weeks after your surgery (or answer any questions by your stylist!!)

The hair can be taken from other places on the body but one must understand the extreme variation in hair texture and caliber. For instance, body or pubic hair will not grow as long as scalp hair and thus is not an ideal match. While the procedure is technically possible, it is not highly recommended for issues related to cosmesis.

Nicole E. Rogers, MD
New Orleans Dermatologist

Grooming after hair transplantation

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During the first two weeks after surgery, I recommend that my patients refrain from doing anything other than the specific gentle shampoos and cleaning instructions that I provide for them.

Normal shampoos and hair products can be used starting at 2 weeks after surgery.  I would recommend waiting 3-4 weeks after a transplant before using a hair dryer because the scalp sensation will be abnormal and there will be a risk of injury due to too much heat.  This also goes for heat straightening.  With respect to coloring or chemical straightening, it is best to wait about 6 weeks after any scalp surgery, including hair transplant.  Hair coloring should be done several weeks before the procedure if this is something that is performed on a regular basis.

To answer the final question, yes, follicles can be taken from anywhere on the body, but the donor areas on the back and sides of the scalp tend to work much better than body hair in most patients.

All the best,

Grooming After Hair Transplatation

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In our clinic we recommend patients to use hair dryer on the low setting 3 days after surgery. Gels and other products 2 to 3 weeks after procedure and coloring products 5 weeks after surgery.

Styling after a hair transplant

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You should wait until everything is healed before you start using waxes, gels and straightening solutions which might cause damage to your existing hair if you are not skilled at their use

William Rassman, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Hair follicles can be taken from anywhere.

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Hair follicles can be taken from anywhere but it may not be recommended.  The usual place is the scalp.
You can style and use a hair dryer after surgery but it is always a good idea to follow your doctors instructions.

Jae Pak, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Grooming and Recovery after Hair Transplant

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I generally permit patients to begin washing their hair gently on the 2nd  post procedure day, and normally including application of hair product and full scrubbing on the 6th day.  Hair coloring / straightening is permitted on the 14th day.  Typically with FUG, the donor area is taken from the back of the scalp, but with the incisionless FUE technique, the hair can come from almost any part of the body where there is reasonably full hair.

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