2 months post FUE. I've been getting spots (acne) containing pus. Is this normal? Have I just lost the hair? (Photo)

2 months post 3200 grafts fue i started getting acne on the transplanted area some full of pus. After a shower they tend to burst but I've sometimes helped the stuff out & noticed that along with the pus, hair also comes out and with what looks like a follicle? I am worried about this and not sure what i need to do. Do you think it's the follicle coming out along with the hair and I've lost those hairs? I apologise for the description and thank you for your help :)

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Pimples 2 months after hair transplant

What you describe is not unusual and, if treated, should not have any significant impact on your final result. You should definitely contact your doctor and let him or her advise you. 

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In grown hair

Seems like the normal process of hair growth where you experience in-grown hair. Your surgeon should have explained this to you. To be safe, you need to check with a dermatologist to confirm that its not an infection.

Ekrem Civas, MD
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Follow up

There may be some ingrown hairs and infection of the follicles weeks to months after a hair transplant surgery.  It is always a good idea to follow up with your doctor for a recheck.  Delaying this may delay any potential treatment your doctor can offer.   

Jae Pak, MD
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Pustules on my recipient site from FUE

If you are developing many pustules, warm soaks are the approach and also a visit to your doctor is important to make sure that you are not developing an infection. The doctor can culture these pustules if he is worried about infection and start you on antibiotics. If there are only an occasional pustule that responds to warm showers or warm wet soaks, that should be sufficient treatment, but always, at the least, call your doctor. 

William Rassman, MD
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