Is my Mohs wound healing properly or should I be concerned? How much longer can it take to fully heal? (photo)

Three months ago I had Mohs surgery for SCC. They "bored out" a 3/8" diameter hole, and since it was on the top of my head they said it would have to heal naturally as the skin was too tight to suture. They also said it would take 4-6 weeks to heal. The wound began filling and almost reached the surface within 4 weeks and was red on top. I kept applying Aquaphor ointment as directed with a bandage daily. However, no change has occurred for two months now. Been 13 weeks. Any suggestions?

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Mohs surgery and healing

Hello, there are many options after the cancer is removed by Mohs surgery in terms of stitching (pulling together with stitches, sliding skin in broken lines, or skin grafting). Healing in naturally also called second intention healing is also a viable option. Its difficult to comment without knowing the exact details of your surgery but things appear to be healing well. I would recommend you followup with your Mohs surgeon if you have concern about the rate of healing. 

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