How Can You Tell if You Have Good Skin Tone and Elasticity for Micro Body Contouring?

I'm 18 and want to get micro body contouring to get rid of my love handles. I do have some stretch marks due to some bad eating habits this summer, will that prevent me from being able to micro-body contouring?

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Skin quality and VASER Liposuction of flanks

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When performing VASER Liposuction, or any form of liposuction, the quality of the skin is important.  When performing liposuction you are removing fat from an area and are relying on the ability of the skin to contract and take the shape of what was just created.  If the skin is loose, it will not take the shape.  If the skin has good tone, it should take the shape nicely.  With VASER liposuction, I am able to perform liposuction safely in the superficial fat plane which will give enhanced retraction of the skin.  Obviously, having stretch marks shows damage to the dermis of the skin so it could interfere with retraction of the skin.  It is important to go to a plastic surgeon who is capable of obtaining the results you want, as all surgeons are not created equal and have different skill sets.  A good physical exam will tell how your skin tone is and what type of results you should hope to obtain.

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How Can You Tell if You Have Good Skin Tone and Elasticity for Micro Body Contouring?

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         In most cases, the love handles respond very well to liposuction alone.  The key to the result is the amount liposuctioned and the manner in which you are contoured.  Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of liposuction procedures each year.  Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

How Can You Tell if You Have Good Skin Tone and Elasticity for Micro Body Contouring?

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I do not understand exactly what you mean by micro body contouring.

If you are referring to High Definition LipoSculpture, the quality of your skin is an important element.

If you talking about body contouring in general, the final result will depend on the amount of fat removed and the ability of your skin to retract to redrape to the new volume of the treated area.

In general, the more stretch marks you have the less elastic your skin will be. It will be less prone to adjust to the new shape of the area, especially if large amount of fat has been removed. Stretch marks caused by pregnancy affect the skin elasticity a lot more then those caused by weight variations, unless you are referring to massive weight loss.

The kind of equipment used for body contouring also plays a role.  For example, Vaser Lipo sculpture will generally give better results.



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