Nipples very sensitive 2 weeks post-op breast implants?

Hi I have another question sorry, 2 weeks post op tmw and I have very sensitive nipples, causing much discomfort. Will they settle down and will they go back in also, or do they stay erected forever now?

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Sensitive nipples after BA

Hyper sensitive nipples after augmentation is not too uncommon. It is because the nerves have been stretched and are irritated. It will go away after 4-8 weeks. Place a small pad over your nipples so that they don't rub against your bra / clothing. Hang in there.

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Nipple sensitivity after breast implants

Nipple sensitivity is not uncommon. On average it usually lasts about 6 weeks before returning to normal. This sensitivity is caused by a temporary stretching of the nerve to the nipple. Hope this is reassuring and good luck. For more information on this and similar topics, I recommend a plastic surgery Q&A book like "The Scoop On Breasts: A Plastic Surgeon Busts the Myths."

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Nipples very sensitive 2 weeks post-op breast implants?

Nipple hypersensitivity is common after breast augmentation. It usually goes away by 3-4 weeks. If it persists see your surgeon for an exam.

Nipple Sensation

It takes several weeks for all the nerves and sensation to return to normal.  Follow up with your surgeon so he can monitor your progress.

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Nipple sensitivity is common after breast augmentation surgery

It will take time for your nerves and sensation to "wake up," a process that could take several weeks or even months.  

In general, expect to see the final results after six months when your skin has fully redrape to the new contour and the implants have finally settled.

Good luck and best wishes. 

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Nipples very sensitive 2 weeks postop breast augmentation.

Thank you for sharing your question and congratulations on your augmentation.  With the swelling of surgery, and the increased volume supplied by your implant, it is not uncommon to have a host of different breast sensations take place due to stretching of the nerves in your skin.  Nipple sensitivity is a common manifestation.  As your results continue to mature you should see steady, spontaneous resolution of this sensitivity.  Hang in there!

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Nipples very sensitive 2 weeks post-op breast implants?

Congratulations on having undergone the breast augmentation procedure. The hypersensitivity of the nipple/areola complexes that you describe is quite common and self limited;  these concerns generally improve over the course of several weeks/months.   Occasionally (rarely), I have seen hypersensitivity issues persists for close to one year.  Best wishes.

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Nipple Sensitivity after augmentation

Thank you for your question. What you are experiencing is completely normal. Nipples after breast augmentation tend to be quite sensitive for up to a couple of months. There are specialized nipple coverlets that can be purchased in your local drug store. These provide protection to the nipples as they desensitize. The process takes from 3 to 6 months following your surgery. Good luck!

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