Glycolic Acid 70% - is It Too Harsh on my Skin

unfortuantely , i got an extremely unbelievably rough and dull leg skin .. they are intensively dry , tick , ingrown hair prone and spots all over and some little bumps .. specially my buttock and the top of my back thights .. i want to have a chemical peel with fraction of cost , since healing such big vast of skin would cost alot .. will GA with concentration of 70% would be too much or i should get it lower ... any suggestions please ??

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Glycolic acid peel for legs

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It sounds like you may have keratosis pilaris besides dull and dry leg skin. While 70% glycolic acid peel may be helpful for you eventually, it may not be the best treatment at the beginning. I will suggest you to try 30-50% glycolic acid peel first and if your skin improves ad tolerates it, you can go up on the concentration. Most people need a series of glycolic acid peels to improve the texture of the skin

New York Dermatologist

Glycolic acid

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I do not recommend or use Glycolic acid on the buttock or lower trunk for dry rough skin. It is true that 70% is a high concentration and I would suggest you discuss with your dermatologist before considering any treatment such as this. It can be very harsh and irritating.

Steven Hacker, MD
West Palm Beach Dermatologic Surgeon

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