How Long Does It Take to Recover from a Light Glycolic Peel?

how long would it take after you have a glycolic peel to recover so you may have another session?

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Glycolic Peel recovery

These peels in general do not penetrate too deeply, and therefore recovery is usually fairly quick; obviously the higher strenght peels may require a little more time.  The timing of the peels also needs to be coordinated with your other skin care product regimen, e.g. the use of retinoids (Retin A type products), I usually schedule these peels about 2 weeks apart.  Check with you skin care specialist

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Recovery after a light glycolic peel

A good rule of thumb for glycolic acid peels is to do post-peel care for a week after treatment. Post peel care generally consists of the following for a glycolic acid peel: using a gentle cleanser, using a bland moisturizer at least twice daily, using sunscreen, and avoiding use of topical acne medications, waxing, other procedures and sun exposure.

Dina D. Strachan, MD
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Mild Glycolic peel recovery

Mild Glycolic peel recovery should be none to a few days. With a very light concentration peel, skin will only feel powdery dry for a few days and then a nice glow at the end of the week. Stronger peel may cause some dryness with scaling for a few days and mild itching; to prevent side effects, use gentle face cleansers and moisturizers such as cetaphil or cerave and avoid sun exposure with sunscreen.

Good luck and enjoy the peel.

Marianna Blyumin-Karasik, MD
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Recovery after low strength glycolic acid peels

This really depends on the strength of the glycolic acid peel. Some very weak peels require minimal if any recovery other than moisturizers and avoidance of sun exposure.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Recovery time for a chemical peel

Chemical peels are usually very safe and help improve the tone and texture of the skin. On average, it takes about 1 week to heal from a superficial glycolic peel and 1-2 weeks from a medium depth peel.

Miriam Hanson, MD
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Recovery time after light glycolic peels

You didn't mention the strength of the glycolic peel. The most common strength is anywhere between 20% - 70%. It is obvious that the higher the percentage of the peel there may be more recovery time involved, but it depends on your skin and how it reacts to the peel.

Most "light" glycolic peels do not have any down time or very minimal recovery time. You may experience some dry, flakey skin at the most. Depending on the strength you can have them done every 1 - 2 weeks for best results. A glycolic peel with a higher percentage may be scheduled further out. Your skin-care specialist should be able to recommend what time frame would be best to acheive your desired result.

Remember to wear broad-spectrum sunscreen everyday no matter what strength the glycolic peel is.

Joseph Serota, MD
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