General Anesthesia & Blood Clots? What Are My Chances?

I am having a tummy tuck on 04/27 & I am terrified of general anesthesia and blood clots. I had a close family member die from this procedure and I am seriously having second thoughts as to whether I should put my body through this...any insights?

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General Anesthesia and Blood Clots

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Abdominoplasty carries with it a small but significant risk of 'blood clots', known as deep venous thrombosis - which can also lead to pulmonary embolism. Risk factors can be analyzed and preventative therapy can be instituted preoperatively. If you have a family history of DVT you can be tested for a familial disorder linked to DVT. Assess your risk profile and make an educated choice. Best of Luck  Dr Harrell

Anesthesia risks

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I am very sorry to hear that a family member died after undergoing an abdominoplasty. I do not know what your underlying medical conditions are and how that could affect the risk level. However, if you aren't ready emotionally and have second thoughts, the first thing to do is to share those feelings with your plastic surgeon and discuss them in detail. Having additional knowledge may lessen your anxiety. You may also want to meet with the anesthesiologist in this regard. Finally, if after discussions, you are still uncomfortable, then remember that this is elective surgery and, notwithstanding a cancellation fee, you do not have to proceed with surgery at this time.

Abdominoplasty and blood clots

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Dear Veronica,

Abdominoplasty has very small risk of causing DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). While this risk is very small it can be further minimized. Please speak with your surgeon about using SCDs (sequential compression device) on your calves as well as use of heparin which is a blood thinner before general anesthesia. After surgery you should move your calves while resting and be mobile ASAP.

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