Gastric Bypass Ulcers?

What are the chances of developing a stomach ulcer after gastric bypass surgery? How will an ulcer be treated?

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Gastric Bypass - ulcers

Overall the incidence of marginal ulceration or developing an ulcer between the small pouch and intestine is rather low but can increase significantly in patients that smoke and specially those that smoke after surgery.

These ulcers can bleed and even perforate which can be a catastrophic complication.  The simple answer is to stop smoking and this will decrease your chances of developing an ulcer. Even healthy patients can develop an ulcer in the small stomach and this can be medically treated although this may require surgery to correct this at some point.

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Ulcers after Gastric Bypass Surgery

There is a small chance of developing what is referred to as marginal ulcers after gastric bypass surgery.  This is an ulcer just distal to the connection between the stomach pouch and small intestine.  This usually occurs in patients that have a gastric pouch which was made to large at the original surgery.  A large gastric pouch produces to much acid which irritates the small intestine and leads to an ulcer.  The dangers of ulcers are that they can either perforate or bleed.  Most ulcers can be treated with medication.  Rarely they will require revisiona surgery.

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