Gaining/loseing Weight After Fat Transfer Breast Enhancement?

I am getting fat transfer breast implants using body jet along w Brava.I'm getting the weight transferred from my stomach to my breasts.My ? is:does the fat transferred to the breast act like the fat of the place it was taken from(my stomach)or does it act like the fat where it's transferred to (my breasts)?I'm wondering this bc w/my stomach fat-I can gain/loose weight very quickly but my breasts don't fluctuate in size no matter how much I loose/gain.So I'm wondering after if my boobs will flux

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Fat transfer to the breast

Fat transfer to the breast for breast augmentation is still experimental, and should be done in a well controlled study.

There are many questions that need to be answered before the procedue becomes an acceotable routine procedure.

We do not know how the fat is going to behave on the long run, there will be fat necrosis, and what will happen to the stem cells that are transferred to the breast. All these questions and the possibility of interferance with mammogaram need an answer.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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Fat to breast and weight change

I have probably the longest experience in fat grafting in America. Depending on the donor site the volume is changed by weight loss. If the donor site is the waist there is less volume loss than the abdomen.

Richard Ellenbogen, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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