What Can I Do After Fat Grafting to Breasts to Ensure Successful Outcome?

I had fat grafting to my breasts 2 weeks ago. Is there anything I can do to give the fat a better chance of "taking" so that I don't lose too much size? E.g. massage?

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Survival Fat Grafting - Some Tips

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It is easier to tell you what not  to do than what to do to increase survival of your fat grafts. Common sense would dictate that eating a  balanced diet and not fasting (avoid catabolism), and no heavy lifting or pressure on your chest for 3-6 weeks might be beneficial. I  personally do not  recommend massage should be done until after an adequate blood supply and cell stability has been restored, so would wait at least 3 weeks or more. Most of all smoking will decrease fat survival after transfer.

I am unaware of any specific medications or supplements that specifically enhance fat survival.

insure fat survival in breasts

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First no pressure on breasts or massage for 2 months. Second eat some carbohydrates. Carbs raise yor insulin level which protects and preserves your fat.These are my two most practical. Waring the Brava also will help

Optimizing fat graft take

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Here are some suggestions:

1)  Keep your weight stable

2)  Don't smoke

3)  For fat grafting to the breast, consider using the BRAVA post-op

4)  Don't lie on the fat grafted area - it's sensitive to pressure.

The rest is up to mother nature!

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