How Will Gaining 10 Lbs Affect my Breast Implant Size?

Over the past year I have lost 10 lbs and down to an A cup (previously a B cup at 5'7 and 120 lbs). Since then I have had my BA with amazing results so far and at a 32 DD (silicone, under the muscle). I am trying to gain that 10 lbs back currently and wondering how that might affect my breast size, if at all?

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Gaining 10 Lbs and Breast Size

The effects of weight gain is difficult to predict. If you noticed changes to your breasts with the weight loss, you may have modest gains to the size of your breasts with weight gain.

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Gaining weight after a breast augmentation

With a weight gain, I would expect a modest enlargement of your breasts to a similar degree corresponding to the amount of breast tissue “shrinking” you saw with your weight loss.  Because the difference between an A and a B cup is smaller than the difference between a D cup and a DD and a DDD, I wouldn’t imagine that you will have a problematic change with weight fluctuations.

Adam David Lowenstein, MD, FACS
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Weight gain and breast size

Hello. Changes in the sizes of your breasts do to weight gain are unpredictable and depend mostly on genetics. That being said if losing weight made your breasts smaller then gaining weight would most likely make them grow. I recommend that my patients be at their target weight before surgery for this reason. I recommend that you maintain the weight you’re at. Gaining weight would be bad for your health with or without implants.

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Jaime Perez, MD
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Weight Gain Affecting Breast Implants

At your height and weight a 32DD should look very good. Gaining the 10 lbs could increase visible size of breast. If it does you may be faced with a choice only you can make, if you are happy with the current look I would suggest not gaining the extra weight.

Thomas Trevisani, Sr., MD
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Weight fluctuation and breast surgery

Some women can gain and lose weight and see no change in their breast size. For others, the body and breast weight seem to be directly linked. Your recent history is probably a good barometer of what might happen if you are to gain the extra 10 lbs. Most patients don't see significant changes with only a 10 lb weight fluctuation. 

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Weight Loss and Breast Augmentation

Typically 10 pounds of weight gain will not affect your result especially if your natural breast shape does not change with weight loss.

Dr. ES

Weight change and implants

I think you answered your own question already. You stated that you dropped a cup when you lost 10 lbs.  It sounds like you may gain a cup or less with a 10 lb gain.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Breast size and weight gain/loss

A lot of factors will affect breast size - weight gain/ loss, pregnancy, periods, etc.  Some people can gain or lose 4-5 pounds and all of it is in their breasts, some can gain or lose 30 pounds and none of it is  in their breasts.  You know better than anyone how your breasts will respond to weight gains and losses.

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How Will Gaining 10 lbs Affect Breasts?

  If you lost 10 lbs and lost a cup size, a 10 lb weight gain will likely produce a cup size gain.  This is a mere educated guess.

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Breast Size Change with Weight Gain?

As you can imagine, no one will be able to predict with any degree of certainty exactly how your breasts may change with the weight gain. Based on your history, it makes sense that your breasts may increase in size to some degree with the weight gain.

 Best wishes.

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