How frequently should I have Restylane to maintain the results and add volume without becoming addicted?

I usually do Restylane Perlane on my cheeks to add volume and my laugh line and it look amazing, but after a while the fillers always seem less . still there is a slight different. People feel I look better but they don't figure out what is it? even my close friends they don't believe I did any fillers on my face and this is why keep visiting my dermatologist every two months , I don't know is my face absorb the filler quickly or what? from you experience is every 3 month is realistic?

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Frequency of Restylane treatments

Frequency  varies based upon surgeon and your response and desired outcomes. Typically in my practice we retreat any time after 4-6 months if a touch up is needed.
I would recommend you discuss with a Board Certified Dermatologist with expertise with Restylane

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Restylane® Typically Lasts 6 to 12 Months


Typically, the benefits of Restylane® should be visible for 6 to 12 months, depending on the location of the treatment and the nature of your skin. For example, highly mobile areas like the lips (or in your case, laugh lines) tend to require at least a touch-up treatment after about 6 months. Areas where there is less movement may only require additional treatment after 12 months.

While skin type and injection location are factors, skill is also a factor. It sounds like you are happy with your results, which is a wonderful thing. I recommend sharing your questions about the frequency of your visits with your dermatologist. If you think your results could improve, visit a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in using fillers to sculpt the face.

One other note: It sounds like you are very passionate about the use of fillers to enhance the face. So am I! Subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay up on the latest techniques and trends.

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Restylane and Frequency of Injections

Restylane typically lasts between 6 and 9 months in a given area.  If you are feeling the need for more frequent injections perhaps you want to look into Sculptra or one of the longer-lasting injections.  No two people absorb Restylane at the same rate.  I would be more concerned that you are satisfied with your results rather than if you are going too frequently for the injections.  Sometimes injecting small amounts more frequently works better to have more natural results and this may be the case with your injections.

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Are fillers addicting

Fillers aren't addictive except psychologically. Restylane should last more than two months. You have to accept that it will dissipate. Having treatment a bit early is fine but I think two months out is too soon. Individuals do absorb fillers differently and some are fortunate enough to have them last longer than six months. I might recommend varying small touchups with major significant work.

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Fillers are not addicting in the sense that you will have physical withdrawl effects. Various things can cause filler to be absorbed faster, especially surgery. Timing shou;ld be based on when you think more is needed and not on a particular time table

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How frequently to have Restylane or Perlane

Dermal fillers last anywhere from 6-12 months, sometimes longer, depending on the product used and where the product was placed.  Restylane typically lasts 6 months when placed around the mouth (an area of higher movement than the cheeks).  That being said, some people come in more frequently because they're not getting the results they wanted or expected.  If that is the case, sometimes switching to a different filler or adding more of the same filler is a good solution.  You may just need more during every session. 
I would recommend that you discuss this in detail with your injector.
Best of luck!

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How often to have restylane injected

Restylane lasts about 6 months and perlane lasts about 9 months, but the product does dissolve slowly over time and you want to  maintain resuls so its n ot a bad idea to be seen before that time period to have more treatment.

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How often do I need Restylane

Restylane results will last differently from person to person. Also, it depends on how much filler is used each time. If you are getting a 1ml syringe every 3 months, to different locations, that would be acceptable. But if you are getting this amount, let's say, into a single location, I might opt to have more (like 1.5 or 2ml) put in at first, and then have it last longer. In general Restylane lasts 6-12 months but this depends on location and amount. It also depends on how much movement a specific area has. All fillers last shorter times in lips than in the upper cheeks based on movement. 6-12 months is from start and back to baseline. Meaning you had the filler done, and you allow it to totally go away and return to where you started. Most people opt to come in before they've totally returned to baseline.

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