After restylane injections is there specific lotion to use? And can I take a hydrogodon pill?

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Are there any lotions to use after Restylane injections

Thank you for asking your question. Some patients say there is less bruising and swelling if they apply arnica cream to the skin following injection of Restylane. If you feels discomfort following your treatment, apply cold compresses. This should help with swelling and make you feel better.
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Post Treatment

Thank you for your question. After Restylane treatment light massage of the area is recommended by some doctors. I reserve this for patients who feel something the next day i.e. bump or bruise. Light massage and ice will often feel good and can be used without harm Any lotion can be applied and there is none specific for Restylane or any filler for that matter. If you are looking to massage the treated area lotion will be helpful to smooth it and and diminish friction. Occasionally after treatment, especially deep injections patients may feel sore in the treated area. Ice, massage and NSAIDs are better alternatives then hydrocodone. If its needed for a medical problem it will not affect your Restylane injections
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Lotion after Restylane

One does not need to use a specific lotion after Restylane injections. Depending on the area treated, most dermatologists and plastic surgeons will recommend not massaging or rubbing the area for the first couple days, while gentle cleanser is usually allowed. Ask your physician regarding specific care instructions they may have after filler injection.

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Treatment after Restylane

There is no specific lotion to use after Restylane as it is injected into the skin and anything you use is on the surface. you should not need hydrocodone for discomfort after Restylane but if you are taking it for a legitimate medical reason there is no contraindication with Restylane

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