Strong diet after hair transplant?

Hello, I am now 2 month post OP and my question is if a strong diet with a calorie deficit of 1.000-1.300 calories per day would affect the result ?

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Diet after a hair transplant

Unless you are on a starvation diet, there is nothing that you can do that will impact your hair transplant results one way or the other.  Good surgery works

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There is no studies on rule on what your diet should be after surgery. It would be in your general interest

There are no studies or rule on what your diet should be after surgery.  It would be in your general interest to maintain a normal diet over a calorie deficit when recovering after surgery.  If you are concerned it is always a good idea to ask your doctor.

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Dieting and hair transplant

OG_335,Protein and calorie malnutrition can both cause hair loss. There are many causes of telogen effluvium arising from nutritional deficiencies like iron, etc... The calories that you mentioned 1000 is significant but 1300 is not too severe  a restriction as long as the diet is balanced and supplemented with vitamin and nutritional supplements. 
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Strong diet after hair transplant

Calorie deficit and strong diet after 2 mo of HT does not effect the result of hair transplantation..But it is better to use supplements for supporting appropriate hair regrowth after surgery such as zinc, biotin , folic acit , keratine etc ..

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