How Fragile Am I After Having a Tummy Tuck?

I fell on my butt pretty hard yesterday and could feel my abdominals get jolted and strain when I landed. My midsection seems more swollen after that. How likely is it that I messed up the sutures from my abdominal wall repair? I spent so much time and money to have this done, messing it up terrifies me.

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Tummy Tuck

Falling certainly was not something you wanted to do, and the damage can be assessed by your surgeon.  Let them know what happened, and then be assessed for damages.  Hopefully, you only had minor damage and the surgery was not jeopardized.

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Buttocks Trauma After Tummy Tuck

You failed to mention how far out from your tummy tuck that you were at the time you fell.  Even if it were very early in your post-op period, it is unlikely that you did any serious damage to the tummy tuck or muscle repair.  If you did tear some sutures or otherwise do some damage, there is nothing to do immediately to correct it.

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Fall after tummy tuck

First, communicate with your surgeon . Second, Swelling can be bleeding(hematoma) ,or swelling(seroma). Any bruising would lead me to be concerned that you have injured the muscles that where tightened during the abdominoplasty.  The complaint I hear from patients when they are concerned about this type of injury is a burning sensation, stinging sensation, the location of these complaints will aide in the diagnosis of what may have happened .  But nothing beats hands exam after this type of complaint  so go to your surgeon!

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Accidental fall after tummy tuck--Did it mess things up?

The answer really depends on two main factors: how soon after surgery the fall occurred, which determines how much healing had already occurred before the strain on your sutures and scar tissue strength; and how hard you fell, or more accurately, how much strain you (inadvertently) put on the sutures and healing at that point in your recovery.

Swelling could be indicative of seroma, hematoma, or tearing through of your abdominal muscle plication sutures with or without true hernia formation. Any of these is possible, but only your surgeon can make the diagnosis. Physical examination is essential, and a scan may be helpful if exam is indeterminate.

Make an appointment to see your surgeon ASAP. Good luck!

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Injury after Tummy Tuck

Generally, after tummy tucks I restrict patients from lifting and straining for at least 6 weeks (usually a 10lb restriction) and have them in a supportive postoperative girdle-type garment for up to 8 weeks. Unfortunately, accidents can happen and any potential internal injury to the tummy tuck suturing is possible. You will have to see if your contour has changed after your swelling resolves, and obviously consult with your PS if problems arise.

As you didn't mention when your surgery was, I'm assuming it was recent. If it wasn't done recently, you are less likely to develop problems given that your body has finished healing from the surgery already.

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