Will Fractional CO2 Laser Cause Acne Breakout?

I heard that aquaphor or vaseline needs to applied after Fractional CO2 Laser and I've heard of people breaking out as a result. Should I be concerned? Another bad breakout could leave me with even more acne scarring, and I am very worried to go forward without knowing how my skin will fare. Please tell me if this is a common side effect and what I can do to prevent it. Thank you!

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Fraxel and Acne break outs

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There are alternatives of topical treatments if you are prone to further acne breakouts and this should not be a reason not to have the Fraxel re:Pair. It is excellent for acne scarring. However, if you have an active breakout, get it under conttrol first. Your physician has many different options in post laser care so express your concerns to them.

Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

Post treatment care after Resrufacing techniques in acne prone individuals: minimize petrolatum

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Yes, this may occasionally occur. Typically, in acne prone individuals, we may use petrolatum based products for a shorter period after treatement (2-3 days) and then transition to a non-petrolatum product such as hyaluronic, aloe vera gel, or squalane. 

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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