Do I need a top surgery revision? (Photos)

I'm 2 years post-op of double incision FTM top surgery and have concerns about the shape of my chest. From profile it has a generally rounded shape. Is this normal? I wonder if this could be because I rarely wore my compression vest after surgery. Could the shape not have settled correctly? Is this something that could be fixed by a revision? What technique could be used? I know it's impossible to say without seeing me personally, but a theoretical answer would help me out at this phase.

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Do You Need a Top Surgery Revision

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Typically, it's best to wait 6 to 12 months depending on the reason for #revision and it's still early in your healing. The ideal technique best for you is difficult to determine online by photos alone. There are several methods used which depend upon the patient’s breast or chest #size before surgery. Considerations include the #laxity of skin, the #size of the #areola, the amount of #fat and recent weight #gain or weight #loss. 

The most common procedures include the #periareola, #buttonhole, #double incision, and #anchor patterns. I often use #liposuction along with the double #incision for larger breasts, and, some variation for smaller breasts; depending upon the position of the areola. The female breast nipple and #areola are often centered on the breast. However, the nipple and areola are lower and closer to the outside edge of the #pectoralis muscle in the male patient. Shaping the side of the chest may also be required and can be performed with #suctioning; along with contouring of the muscle, as noted above, to provide the best definition for the chest. Your board-certified plastic surgeon will #confirm if you would actually benefit from a revision and the type best suited for your revision during an in-person evaluation.

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Top surgery revision

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Based on the photos that you have provided it appears that you have a nice shape to your chest.  Revisions are always a possibility. 

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FTM top surgery

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I think your result is quite nice.  The round look gives the appearance of a male pec.  The scar is the biggest issue I can see.  Id suggest some laser to help blend it in and make it less noticeable.

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