How Likely is It for the Alexandrite Laser to Increase Hair Growth on Face?

I am pale skinned with some dark hair on my upper lip and front of neck. The hair on my neck is not overly thick so I am concerned that using laser on this area would stimulate more hair growth. I met with a consultant at the clinic I would like to use. She seams very experienced so I am confident with her ability but she did say she would treat my whole neck area, not just the hairs individually. Is this wise or would this induce hair growth?

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Increased hair growth with laser hair removal

Pale with dark skin makes you the perfect candidate for laser hair removal. Alexandrite is one of the most effective wavelengths and should provide you with excellent results. Yes, the entire area should be treated, not individual hairs.

The problem you mentioned, increased hair growth with treatment, is possible but very rare. In a large study of almost 500 patients treated with this laser, less than 1% experienced increased hair growth.

Boulder Dermatologist
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Hair growth after Gentlelase

There have been reports of paradoxical hair growth following treatment with the Alexandrite laser which is what the Gentlelase is.  However, this usually occurs when one tries to treat darker skin types with more conservative parameters in an effort to avoid damage to the surrounding skin.  In your case, light skin with dark hair is actually the best candidate for treatment with this type of laser.

Ritu Saini, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Hair growth stimulation by Alexandrite Laser

Dear Patient,

It is rarely possible to encounter a side effect of hair growth stimulation after Alexandrite laser treatment. However, this side effect is usually seen in patients with olive to dark skin complexion in Hispanic, Middle Eastern, and Indian individuals. So if you have light skin tone and dark facial hair, you are a good candidate for effective and safe therapy with Alexandrite laser to remove hair. Good luck.

Marianna Blyumin-Karasik, MD
Davie Dermatologist
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Laser hair removal and hair growth

Since you have light skin and dark hair you have the perfect combination for laser hair removal.  It does not sound like you should be worried about inducing hair growth.  I have only seen that with patients who have dark skin and a low fluence are used.  For the best results please find a board certified dermatologist in your area.

Michele S. Green, MD
New York Dermatologist
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