Cost of GentleLASE Laser Hair Removal?

Is this a special kind of laser hair removal that costs more than other kinds of laser hair removal?

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Cost of GentleLASE Laser Hair Removal?

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We have been using the Candela alexandrite GentleLASE in our practice for over ten years and find it does a superb job, especially for lighter skin types I-III.  For darker skin, Asian, Hispanic, Indian, we use the GentleYAG laser because the alexandrite laser is highly absorbed in dark pigment and would have to be turned down too much to get good results.

Prices obviously vary by market and competition. A typical cost in our practice for underarms would be $110, bikini $115, upper lip $70, male back $425, and ladies lower legs $250. We have the treatments done by an experienced aesthetic laser nurse.  California requires that hair removal be done either by a physician or an RN.  Some states allow non-medically trained personnel such as electrologists to operate hair removal lasers. 

Dynamic cryogen cooling and a large 18 mm spot, makes treatment relatively comfortable and fast.  

Although these lasers cost 85,000 or more and require costly maintenance, prices are not necessarily higher than other lasers, like diode lasers or IPL devices. 

Studies have shown that more patients prefer alexandrite (GentleLASE) treatment to IPL (intense pulsed light) on the basis of comfort.

Mountain View Plastic Surgeon
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Cost of GentleLase Hair Removal

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The GentleLASE is the current gold standard for laser hair removal. We charge by the area, which is roughly determined by how many pulses are needed for the area. For example, a small area like the underarms is considerably less expensive than a larger area like the legs. That being said, treatments can be anywhere from $60 - $480. 

Jeffrey W. Hall, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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Laser Hair Removal with Gentlelase

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Often laser hair removal with Gentlelase is less expensive than with other lasers. Although the laser itself is more expensive than others (because it is more powerful) the laser is much faster. because the Gentlelase has a larger spot size and allows laser hair removal procedures to be performed faster, more treatments can be performed in a day, therefore, physicians can charge less and make more with the Gentlelase Lse for hair removal.

Te Gentlelase has performed very well in my practice but it is not the laser for every skin type. Dark skinned individuals interested in laser hair removal will have best results with the Gentleyag laser.

Michael Law, MD
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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GentleLase just one of several effective lasers for hair removal

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Our practice has used a GentleLase for years and it is an effective laser for hair removal in many patients.  There are multiple other systems that also work well.  Typically the GentleLase does not come with higher prices than other comparable hair removal lasers.

Daniel Berg, MD
Seattle Dermatologic Surgeon

Laser Hair Removal Cost

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Cost of laser hair removal depends 1) on the size of the area you are treating (larger treatment areas require more time = more expensive), 2) the geographic location you are in (New York City will probably cost more than Jacksonville).

The type of laser does not seem to be a factor in cost.  Although be careful with prices that seem very low.  These are expensive machines and they require expertise, and that costs money.  If prices seem too low, they might be skimping on something.  Only go to recommended MD's who are specially trained to do laser hair removal.

Todd Minars, MD
Miami Dermatologist

Gentlelaser for hair removal

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Gentlelase is an alexandrite laser that is an excellent choice for hair removal. It uses what is called dynamic cooling - a cryogen spray that effectively and consistently cools the skin just prior to laser impact - to acheive very safe and sanitary laser hair removal. It typically does not cost any more than other laser types.

Elizabeth F. Rostan, MD
Charlotte Dermatologist

Laser Hair Removal Costs

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The GentleLASE laser, manufactured by Candela, is an excellent laser for laser hair removal. It uses a cryogen spray on the skin surface before each laser pulse to provide anesthesia and to protect the skin. Cost is based on area treated and generally by who is treating the patient. In my opinion having a doctor with training in laser surgery (such as a dermatologist) and experience in utilizing a particular laser helps to decrease the risk of complications.

Andrew Kaufman, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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