Laser Burn from GentleLase - Are Scars Permanent?

Hi, I have had Laser hair removal on my thigh/brazilian area 6 days ago with candela Gentlelase,and have had bad burns as a result.It seems the therapist didn't realise I was too dark for the Gentlelase and was meant to use the other (gentleyag)on me to avoid burning me. Im afraid these scars are going to be premanent.. the darker parts are starting to peel resulting in pinkish skin underneath the area that has peeled off...will these scars be permanent? please help!!Photos attached. Thanks

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Gentle Lase hair removal in bikini area and burn

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The most important thing when getting any cosmetic medical procedure is to find a board certified dermatologist with experience in laser hair removal or the particular procedure you are requesting.  It is impossible to say from the post-op photos if you will have scarring.  Please find an experienced physician in your area to get treatment now to minimize problems from this procedure.  Let me know what happens.

Reaction after gentlelase

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Unfortunately it is impossible to tell what kind of longterm reaction you will have after that kind of short-term side effect. I would work with your laser doctor to heal as best as possible in the short run. It would not be surprising to have some hyperpigmenatation in the area (darker spots) but the good news is that hese usually fade with time (can be helped with bleaching creams too). Fortunately, permanent color change or scarring would be still relatively uncommon, though only time will tell - Changes in pigmentation can improve even up to a year after treatment.

Daniel Berg, MD
Seattle Dermatologic Surgeon

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