Is it possible for restylane in the eye trough to travel to a lymph node?

I have a significantly large lymph node on the jugular vein area on the left side of neck. I lost the restylane in my left eye and I was wondering if it traveled to my neck. I am in the process of having head and neck mri and ultra sound of the lymph node and it only shows up as a significantly large lymph node and no other issues. I will be undergoing a biopsy on Jan 8. I have no symptoms of lymphoma or head and neck cancer. Could the restylane have travelled to the lymph node?

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Highly unlikely.

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It is extremely unlikely that the enlarged lymph node is related to traveling restylane, however there is a small chance it might be a possible inflammation secondary to the injection (depending on the amount of filler injection and whether there was an infection which resulted).
Most likely it is not related to the restylane.
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Dr. Tony Perkins.

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Restylane in lymph node

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Dear Shrink, I doubt that any Restylane has traveled to your lymph node. I don't know how that would happen and have never heard of such a thing. However, it would not be unheard of for someone to have some swelling of a nearby node due to inflammation after injection. I have never seen this, nor have I read about it but it certainly makes sense. However, I would guess that if lymphadenopathy due to treatment under eye, you would have swollen lymph nodes in areas closer than the jugular area.

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