For How Long Will Temporal Lift Last for 22 Year Old Woman?

i had temporal lift 4 months ago im 22. my doctor made an long incisin anf removed extra skin. i had hooded eyes and i wanted an open almond shaped eye. the first 2 weeks i was so happy with the results bu after the stitches removed my eyes change a brows are really high but my eyes are not almond shaped(cat eye) anymore.i would like to know for how long the result will be stable. after 10-15 what will happen??will i look like before,better or worse?is there a possibility that last forever

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A browlift will decrease eyelid hooding, but it will not make the shape of the eye more almond shaped, unfortunately.

Browlifts can last a very long time. A hairline incision browlift could last you more than 10 years or longer. Temporal and endoscopic browlifts don't last quite as long.

You likely will need an eyelid lift before needing another browlift.

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Temporal brow lift

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A brow lift typically lasts a very long time but it doesn't mean that you may not need to have it redone.  If it looks OK now it should age naturally with you

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Temporal brow lift: how long does it last?

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Sometimes brows droop mainly in the outer (lateral) portion, and not the central medial brows near the nose.   When this occurs, and a brow lifting procedure is chosen, it may be most suitable to perform a lateral approach to concentrate on the outer brow support and lifting.  This can result in a subtle but nice look, helping hooding and drooping of the outer brow and lid. Over time soft tissues of the skin and brows will descend.  If the surgery is done in a subcutaneous approach, this may occur faster than if the surgery is done at a deeper (below fascia) approach.  How thick and durable the skin is, and the quality of the scar tissue also affect longevity, as do heredity and physical activity. (A person who runs and works out heavily especially in all weather will have more "wear & tear" on their face than the person whose hobby is reading, for example.).  But the lateral brow lift procedure can be a gratifying one in properly selected patients!

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Temporal Brow Lift Results at 4 Months

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  At this point, the result is probably fairly stable.  The swelling has resolved.  The results of these lifts may last several years.  However, this durability, in part, is dependent upon method of fixation, if any, skin removal amount, etc.  In most patients, once they notice any amount of recurrence they want the procedure done again.  However, another procedure or procedures may be more useful in the future.  In addition, consider adjunctive Botox for subtle results and maintenance.

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