Is It Possible for Juvederm to Have an Impact on Bloodwork?

I had a Juvederm injection approx 3 months ago & just recently was told by a Rheumatology doctor that I may have lupus as my ANA was elevated. I had told her about the medications I was taking but forgot to mention the Juvederm. Do you think that the presence of the Juvederm may have affected my labs & resulted in a false positive or a drug induced lupus possibility? I am freaking out.

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Does having Juvederm affect your blood work?

Having Juvederm injected does not cause Lupus and I have never heard of it creating a false positive ANA test. Consult with your Rheumatologist about your concerns 

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Blood work can be effected if you have an autoimmune disorder

To be safe, and to ease your mind, you should tell your doctor about your injections. Always best to keep your doctor in the loop.

That said there should not be any effect to your blood work. Juvederm is a chemical that is found naturally in the body (made in a lab to control the substance). The only exception, would be if you have an autoimmune disorder.

Good luck.

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Juvederm and Lupus

No, Juvederm has not been shown to have any affect on bloodwork like this or induce lupus. There are no studies showing a linkage or causation. You can call your doctor and tell her about the Juvederm, but it didn't have any affect on your bloodwork or results.

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