Flying Before and After BBL Surgery?

I am a Flight Attendant, I was thinking about getting a BBL done in Miami. Recently I have read that I should fly 4 or 5 days before and after surgery due to health reasons. My question is, is it safe to fly in the day before the surgery and fly out the second day and just fly back in for post procedure check ups?

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The longer you stay the better...but it can be done...



Flying in the day before is no problem. Flying out the day after would be cutting it a bit close. I would personally prefer you be in town at least 3-4 days after the surgery, just to be safe. On the other hand, assuming everything goes perfectly, some patients could fly out after two days, assuming its a short flight and that you would be coming back for follow-up soon.


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Dr. Michael in Miami 

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BBL it is sage to keep in land at least 3 days before and after surgery

in any normal  patient it is advisable not to  go surgical op. at least 3 days after flying and also after go backing home, in patients with  a varicose, legs vein  it should be 5 days before and after, the reasons are the risks of thromboemboly are quite frecquent even taking the whole caution preventive  methods

Ramon Navarro, MD
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Flying after surgery

No, I do not think it is realistic and safe to fly in one day before a major surgery and fly out one day after the surgery. The major risk is, especially long flights, is deep venous thrombosis ans pulmonary emboli. Plus the fact that you need to be near your surgeon for atleast one week to monitor your progress and monitor for complications.

BBL is a major surgical procedure. Even for a lipoma excision coming from England I made my patient stay around for one week. You need to participate in your care and prevention of complications.

Samir Shureih, MD
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