Liposuction Results with Half a Liter of Fat Removed

Tumescent lipo about 4 days ago for my abdomen and flanks. Little more than half a liter of fat removed. Is that too little? Already at my ideal weight. Pretty much look the same as before the procedure. Feel like I can pinch the same amount of fat from my skin (around 3 inches) before the procedure.

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People at or near their ideal weight usually need very little fat removed during liposuction

People at or near their ideal weight usually need very little fat removed during liposuction to contour their bodies. It is not the amount of fat in the jar, but the fat on the body that matters. It is also impossible to determine the results of a liposuction until several months after the procedure.

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500 cc of liposuction aspirate

If you are at your ideal weight there might not have been much fat to remove.  At 4 days you are maximally swollen also so don't judge the result at all.  At one month you will see maybe 70% and at 4-6 months the final result appears.  Watch your diet and exercise and don't gain any weight for the best result.

As an aside, I have seen some patients operated on elsewhere who told their surgeon to take as much fat out as possible.  They are destroyed with dents and grooves and skin scarred down to the muscle. These are uncorrectable, so never try to be too aggressive with liposuction.  If some is good, more is not necessarily better!!

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What's in a number?

That may be enough for you since you are close to your ideal weight.  The key to lipo is what you leave behind.  Meaning a plastic surgeon does not want to "over" suction a patient.  I would not use pinch thickness 4 days after surgery because now you  have tissue swelling.  Allow the body to resolve your contour over the next 4-6 weeks.

Enjoy your journey!

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Liposuction results

It is way too early to assess your results. Generally, it can take 3-4 months before you can start seeing results and for some, it can take almost a year even. Continue following the post-op instructions your surgeon gave you.

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Liposuction and 500 cc's

In a person at their ideal body weight with stubborn areas of fat, 500 cc's may be all you need to get the desired results. Remember it takes several months to see the final results because of swelling.

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Liposuction results with half a liter of fat removed

As stated here MUCH too early to see any results. But 500 cc's is very little, No photos so how can we opine? Please be patient until 6 weeks from surgery, than if not happy complain.

From MIAMI Dr. B

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Final liposuction result in 4 months.


Of course. cannot tell without seeing you, but 500 cc's can be the right amount to remove from the abdomen and flanks with liposuction in a thin person.  You are still swollen.

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Liposuction results

Given it's only been 4 days since your procedure, it's still too early to know what your final result will be.  I tell my patients that typically it takes about 6 weeks for 80-90% of the swelling to go away (sometimes quicker based on how much we're doing, but this is a good rough estimate) and then the last bit of swelling can take a few months longer.  Give yourself some time to heal and then I would reassess at the 6 week mark.

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