After Using Crest Whitestrips, How Long Until I Can Eat Coloured Foods?

I've been using the Crest Whitestrips Intense Professional, do I need to stay on a 'white diet' for a full 7 days as this is proving hard to do! After my last treatment (which I do at night), can I return to eating coloured foods the next morning? Also, I've been having tea and hot chocolate through straws, is this ok?

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Eating Colored Foods While Using Crest Whitestrips

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Most people do NOT restrict their diets totally while using the Whitestrips. It is crucial to do so for 24-48 hours after having an in-office bleaching such as ZOOM. However, if you use the Whitestrips at night, you should be OK with regular foods the next day. Needless to say, colored foods and liquids do stain teeth. So, the more restrictive you are, the less your teeth will stain in the future.

New York Dentist

Drinking Tea While Bleaching

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Drinking your tea through a straw will help but not totally block the staining tea.  Tea is the most staining then coffee, red wine, and dark soft drinks. 

Sarah Roberts, DMD
Atlanta Dentist

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