Fixing Contour Irregularities After Liposuction?

Are noticeable contour irregularities that need to be addressed usually covered by the doctor that performed the original procedure? I don't feel I should have to pay any more money to fix a bulge on my stomach (one side and not the other) that is very obvious an area that wasn't suctioned properly.

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Discuss this with your doctor.

 You should discuss this with your doctor.  Every surgeon has their own policy about this issue. There are many reasons as to why you could have this problem.


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Only the doctor who performed your Lipo can say for sure

It is not uncommon to have a certain amount of irregularities post liposuction. Some of the irregularities are related to swelling and some are not. Some times it is a bulge not related to fat. Also, in my experience it depends on whether you wear a compression garment or not.

The only person who really can give you an answer is for the surgeon who provided you with this surgery. He/she needs to examine you and discuss with you what the options are.

Good Luck, and hope this helps!

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Check with your doctor's financial responsibility form

Most surgeons will give you a "financial responsibility" form to sign before any procedure. In addition, your surgical quote or consent form is another good source of information. In general, most surgeons will state that if you maintain your weight, they will agree to a revision procedure for liposuction within a certain time frame. In general, a portion, or all, of the surgeon's fee will be deducted. However, you would still be responsible for an anesthesiologist fee or a facility fee, if that is needed.

Look through your papers and talk to your surgeon about your concerns. Most of us want happy patients and will try to help you as best we can. Good luck.

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You should check with your doctor

I cannot speak to how your particular doctor and his or her policy with revision surgery, and I would recommend you discuss those specifics with your doctor.

First of all it important for any patient to know and understand that any patient may have some contour deformities or irregularities after liposuction. That usually has less to do with how anything was done technically by your surgeon and more to do with how your skin retracts.

It is very common for patients to have some residual fullness (which could appear as a full area or lump) in the region around the belly button after abdominal liposuction. The good news is it's an easy thing to fix. In the office with some dilute numbing solution, it can be easily fixed.

Sometimes patients need more than what can be done in an office setting and need to have a revision in surgery. In most cases patients are responsible for facility and anesthesia fees in any revision surgery. The physician fees are physician dependent and have to be discussed with your doctor. Sometimes there are fees and some doctors may elect to waive those fees, but I would discuss this with your doctor.

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