Will Lipo Fix my Large Protuding Buddha Belly?

I went for a breast aug consult and have also decided and set a date for lipo. I am concerned though, because my belly is somewhat distended (and the physician never really touched my stomach to see if it is hard or soft ect)that lipo may not removed this bloated appearing fat (but i am not bloated.. I have had a belly that makes me look about 6 mos along for about a year now/im 24 yrs old) I am 5'1 and under 120 lbs in realtivley good shape except for my odd stomach. will lipo fix this fat? thanks

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Lipo vs. tummy tuck

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You have to be examined to determine if your shape is related to a weak stomach muscle envelope called fascia, which could allow the wall to bow forward, vs. an accumulation of fat. If it is fat, determine if it is below the muscle or above the muscle wall. Only the latter situation is responsive to liposuction. A muscle weakness needs to be addressed by a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty).

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Buddha belly treatment

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Liposuction only treats that fat that can be pinched on the outside of your abdomen. It does not treat the deep layer, the fascia, that is often stretched out from childbirth.

Liposuction also does not treat hanging skin or loose skin.

During your examination, your doctor should palpate where the fat was and where the fascia- the deep layer- was, and what the limitations of liposuction are, what the alternatives are (including tummy tuck), the risks of surgery, etc. That is part of a basic examination and consultation..

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Not likely if what you mean is a large protruding abdomen

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The most likely cause of a large protruding abdomen like Buddha is intra abdominal fat deposition. This excess abdominal fat is sometimes called a beer belly especially in men who seem to put much of their extra fat inside the abdomen and not on the hip, thighs etc. The intra abdominal fat is not able to be removed by liposuction. Only fat on the out side of the abdomen can be addressed by liposuction. If the buddha belly gets bigger when you push out your abdominal muscles and smaller when you suck you abdomen in, then that is intra abdominal fat and the only was to loose this is with dietary modifications.

Reasons for a full tummy

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You should go back and request a specific exam of your abdomen to evaluate whether lipo is going to help you. Basically, if you have subcutaneous fat with good skin elasticity and good muscle tone you can have liposuction and get a nice change. If your abdomen is firm and there is no significant subcutaneous fat, then there is fat or pressure within the abdominal cavity pushing it out. This is NOT amenable to liposuction. If your tummy is round because of loose muscles, lipo won't help either and you will need a muscle repair. So, you can see why it is so important to be examined!

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