How to fix a "crooked buttcrack"? (Photo)

I noticed that the top of my buttcrack slightly slants. I think it is the cause of a dimple that I have on the very top. I am very self conscious about this and would like to get it fixed. What can I do about this and how much would the average cost be?

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Crooked Buttocks and THE FIX

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I feel there is no certain fix of this slanted buttocks crease.  I have seen this many many times.  It is a NORMAL variation on the theme.    Yes liposuction and fat grafting may help but I would not promise you I could make this go away.   It may be helped a bit.   My Best,  Dr C

How to fix a "crooked buttcrack"?

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   Liposuction with fat grafting can effectively reshape that area.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, California

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