How Do I Fix a Bad Belly Button Scar After Tummy Tuck?

i had a tt on 3-13-10 my belly button looks horrible it hurts really bad and i can see every stitch he used to close it on the outside surrounding it. on top of that it is hypertrophic scarring really bad im mortified by the way it looks. i went back to my ps he said i need steroid injections & if fails need revision but i have to pay for all that. i dont think i should have to pay for them when he put the stitches on the outside. i dont think injections will fix this either. what should i do?

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Revision Of Tummy Tuck Scars

Unfortunately, it appears that you are going to have a hypertrophic or keloid scar, regardless of whether your surgeon used external or internal sutures.  Most people do not know this, but it is actualy better to use the external stitches on people you worry about heavy scarring, since once they are out they cannot have a reaction to them anymore.  The internal stitches stay for 3-4 months, and your body is reacting to them the entire time, building up scar tissue.  I would try the steroid injections first, thena revision with steroids at the same time, followed by some silicone sheeting during the healing process.  95% of how you heal is just your genetics, and there is often very little that we as surgeons can do to alter that.  I hpe this helps.

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Bad scarring of belly button with tummy tuck may not be the fault of plastic surgeon

As I have said in the past,  the scar is 50% the surgeon's skill and 50% your response to his/her injury. Irregardless of technique, bad scars can result and cannot be entirely preventable.

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