I Find out That Nagor Brand is a Leading Breast Implant in UK. So That Means Nagor is Better Compare with Mentol and Allergan?

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Lada cars are the leading brand in Russia. Does that mean they are better than Mercedes, BMW, or Cadillac?

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Sorry, but availability, cost, promotion, marketing, and import/export duties does not equate with overall quality. There are many reasons that surgeons may choose one implant manufacturer over another, but in the US, the FDA restrictions of 1991-1992 essentially destroyed all but two companies, making competition almost nonexistent.

The two companies that remained, however, were both very able and strong scientific colleagues AND competitors, and the resultant implants (from BOTH companies) are among the best-manufactured and rigorously-controlled (not to mention scientifically-studied) medical products in the entire marketplace of implantable devices in the world.

Remember, once upon a time you could only get a Yugo (car) in a few European countries. Then it came to the US, where it had to compete with "real" cars. Yugos are history, and never were better, in ANY country.

Same with implants--not "better" just different.

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