Waiting for Endoscopic Brow Lift Final Result

How long should I wait to see the final result from an Endoscopic brow lift?

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Browlift: 90% of final result in three months

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I agree with Dr Mayer regarding the timing of recovery.  I tell my patients that it takes about 3 months to see 90% of the result, though one must wait a year to see the complete recovery.  THere is a lot of early relapse of the result with endoscopic brow lifts.

Brow Lift Healing Time Frame

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Within 60-90 days you will see your final results following a Brow Lift. It may be a full year before what you see in the mirror reflects the ultimate result of your surgery. Although you will have long term benefit, remember that although that the aging process continues after all surgical lifts.

Results after endoscopic browlift

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You should look "good" within a few weeks but the brow can settle for several months and scars can take a year or longer to look their best.  But, at the 6 month mark, I would consider result to be fairly close to "final".

You should see the 90% result in 3 months.

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Though we say that it takes 6-12 months for most surgery to see the final result, usually one can see the 90% result of forehead lifting in 3 months. This is especially true of endoscopic forehead lifts.

We invented the irregular, trichophytic forehead lift because of the shortcomings of coronal and endoscopic forehead lifts. In addition to giving a superior forehead lift, the hairline can be lowered as well, instead of raised!

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Endoscopic brow lift will settle with time

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The brow will settle following most forehead lift. This could be evident after 6-12 months. You should see a result within the first few weeks. Hope that helps!

Endoscopic Forehead lift results

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Generally speaking 6 months is typically considered an adequate amount of time to assess the results of an endoscopic forehead lift procedure.

Relaxation of the result will occur over the long term and should be expected as well.

Browlifts usually heal in 2 months

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As with any procedure, there are mitigating circumstances that can delay the healing. If everything is perfect, then 2 months is about roght. If there is excessive swelling, hematoma, nerve injury - then it will take longer. 

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