Fillers for Narrow Forehead to Make is Wider?

I have narrow face and forehead. I know fillers can be used on my cheeks, temples but can fillers be used on my forehead to make it little wider as well?

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Facial Balancing with Fillers and Sculptra and /or Botox

We all tend to see "one issue" when sometimes what we don't see is the most important element.

Facial balance is a delicate thing - the upper third of the face is mostly bone. Eyebrow placement, thickness and color; eye size; hairline; the prominence of the brow bone - a lot of markers go into how we perceive how we look. If our lower face is heavy or "strong", then the upper face can look more narrow.

Sometimes a very strong jaw can be re-contoured with Botox to change the shape - and that alone could alter the proportional balance between upper and lower face.Without a photo, it's hard to say what could be done with fillers or relaxers.

There are all sorts of options to change the perception of facial width and length and 3D contours. A Botox brow "lift" or some brow area injection can change the landscape of the upper face - as can temple injections.

If you are comfortable posting a photo, it would give all the responding physicians a better guide in giving you some answers that might apply in your case.


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Fillers and Sculptra are great for improving upper face balance

The upper face looks less youthful as time passed due to loss of bone and soft tissue that can make us look hollow in the temples and with resultant shadowing and the appearance of narrowing of the forehead. Some individuals just naturally have a narrow upper face that may make their face seem out of balance.

Fillers and the volume stimulator, Sculptra, can be used to rebalance the face. Without seeing your photos, it's hard to give you a specific recommendation, but I would suggest you seek out a physician who has a significant amount of experience using fillers in this area of the face. I think the upper face is an overlooked area for facial rejuvenation with fillers, and I'm seeing some really great results using them in this area.


Kimberly Finder, MD
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Fillers and facial width

In some respects, fillers can be ussed to widen the forehead. But if you have a true bone issue, then sometime cranial vault remodeling is better.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Fillers Can Be Used to Widen the Forehead

Typically patients seek to have wider foreheads because they have lost volume in the temple region.  This can be hereditary or common in patients that are avid exercisers.  When volume is lost in the area, it can make the forehead appear narrow and cause shadowing in the area.  


Fillers can be placed in the temples to fill out the hollowness and shadowing in the area.  This can enlighten and create a more youthful shape to the face.  A filler (Restylane, Perlane, etc) or a collagen stimulator (Sculptra, Radiesse) can be safely and effectively used in the area.


To answer your question, a filler can be used to widen a narrow forehead.


I hope this helps

Jonathan Kulbersh, MD
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