Can fillers be used to fill a deep scar on my cheek? (photo)

In 2006, i went to dermatologist to get rid a sebaceous cyst, but he gave me a huge scar which looks very prominent when I smile or laugh. Another doctor in suggested fat transfer from my hips or thighs to cheek. Recently I have been reading about various fillers like Juvéderm. Is Scar revision surgery required first? Fillers last for 1 year perhaps, is there any safe filler which could last longer? Are there any side effects of getting fillers every year or so. Is there any better solution?

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Fillers and deep scar

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Fillers are a good way to help treat scars.  I would definitely suggest you try a filler such as Restylane or Juvederm.  The scar looks depressed and will help fill and lift the scar.  You can safely have this procedure repeatedly on a yearly or as needed basis.

Filler is a good way to start

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Using subcision to release the deeper scarring from the skin and filler is a good way to start.
It will improve significantly and has a much faster recovery than scar revision.  Your scar is spread and a formal scar revsion my be required but with a simple subcision and filler you will improve without sutures.
Best wishes,
Dr. Denkler

Scar revision vs. Fillers

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Thank you for the question and the photos. The scar looks like is atrophic (i.e., thin), depressed (i.e., deeper than the surrounding tissue), and spread (i.e., the edges of the original excision seem far apart). In this situation, a surgical scar revision is warranted. After this, if needed, small amounts of filler or your own fat can be used to give the area more volume. Best of luck moving forward!

Cheek scar and fillers

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From your pictures, it appears that your cheek scar is both depressed and widened. While you may get some partial improvement from fillers alone, I think a better strategy would be to consider a scar revision procedure to excise the scar and repair it with a meticulous closure. Scar revision would offer a more permanent or long term solution which may likely be all you need to improve the appearance. However, if you continue to have some depression after complete healing, fillers or fat could be used to improve any residual depression. Dermabrasion or laser treatments would also be a consideration in the future, if needed. I would recommend evaluation by an experienced surgeon who can see and feel the scar firsthand and then discuss all of the available options to you.

Best of luck!

Sachin S. Pawar, MD
Milwaukee Facial Plastic Surgeon
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A scar revision would give the best results.

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A scar revision by excising the scar, repairing the defect by pulling tissue underneath and placing a eptfe implant underneath it and a superficial dermabrasion of the overlying excision would give a good result for roughly $2500-3000. Sincerely, David Hansen,MD

David Hansen, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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Scar revision and soft tissue fill is required.

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Dear Sir, I am sorry that your scar is rather wide and has some depression. It appears that your dermatologist removed some soft tissue as well as the cyst or that your cyst inflammation caused some tissue loss. In any event, you have two issues. The first is that your scar (the shiny part) is rather wide and could be improved by excising the shiny part and closing the skin carefully. I would allow this to heal completely for four to six months. As a second stage a filler like fat could be injected into the area  to reduce the depression. I have sometimes fat grafted at the time of scar revision but I would need to feel your cheek to determine if the scar would be too tight. Follow up scar treatment with laser or scar application might further improve the scar. Internet conversations do not replace proper consultation with you doctor and examination.Examination with an experienced plastic surgeon will be necessary to determine the precise strategy but I hope that this gives you some direction. Best of luck. 

Can fillers be used for scar on cheek?

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Fillers could be used to help raise a depressed scar on the cheek, such as yours, but I think a better long term solution would be having a scar revision.  In the ideal setting, once the scar revision was done, you would not need any fillers.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Depressed scars on face

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can be managed with either fillers (temporary) or fat grafting (change for permanence) with costs associated with each session you have.  The scar can be released with a pickle fork like device and the fillers/fat placed underneath it.  In my practice, fat grafting is recommended as its more cost effective and can be permanent.  Scar revisions can also be done if you wish to improve the scar quality.  That must have been a huge cyst!

Improvement of Deep Scar on Face

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There are many options available. Your best option is to meet with a doctor and have them evaluate the scar and discuss your options.
One option is to excise the scar and revise it. This is called scar revision. This will help not only the depressed quality of the scar caused by removal of the cyst but will also allow improvement of the scar itself (i.e. to try to make it less wide and less suture marked). 
Another option is to use a soft-tissue filler like Voluma or Perlane after subcision. Subcision is where a small sharp instrument is used beneath the skin surface to remove any subcutaneous scars that may be tethering the scar downward. After subcision a filler can be placed to elevate the depression. This procedure will not address the surface of the scar (i.e. any widening of the scar or suture marks). At the same time it is a much simpler procedure with shorter recovery period compared to scar revision.
Your best option is to meet with a doctor with training and experience in this problem and let him/her examine the area and discuss your options. Good luck.

Scar rmoval with Voluma and Subcision

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Good morning. I suggest you research Voluma by the makers of Juvederm. It is a filler that lasts 2-3 years and would significantly improve your scar. I usually perform subcision before injection fillers. Subcision is a process by which the deep scars are released using a special needle. 2 syringes of Juvederm Voluma and subcision would improve the scar about 50% to 75%. Please review the photos on my Acne Scarring FB site.

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