How Much Filler Can You Have Injected in One Sitting?

I heard of the chances of "skin necrosis" and to minimize this you would inject little bits in a series of sessions. Is this what most people do? I simply want to go in ONCE every 6 months. Should I be concerned doing all the fillers I need at ONE TIME? How many syringes can I get?

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How much filler

The amount of filler in one sitting may depend on the volume replacement you need, and the locations where you are looking to improve.  I will sometimes have people come back several times because we may not be able to see the exact desired outcome.  Some of the fillers take time to see the results (i.e. sculptra), and some patients may have significant swelling with injections which make it difficult to see what the final results will be (i.e. some of the haluronic acids). 

I have injected as little as 1 and as many as 6 in one sitting.



Oakland Dermatologic Surgeon

Filler injections

The amount of filler injected depends really upon your anatomy and what you desire.  I have used as little as one syringe for patients and as many as five syringes in a patient in a single session.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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