It is Possible to Remover Dermal Fillers with Surgery?

Almost 7 years ago I went to a cosmiatry in my country. I was concerned because I have scarring in my face due to acne and severe chicken pox. She suggested some type of fillers to reduce the appearance of the scars. I am no sure what was injected in my face but it was supposed to dissolve after 2 years according to her.

The thing is that now I have like permanent pimples in my face. It looks very bad. I am desperate and I want to know if there is a surgical way to remove these fillers.

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Fillers in face

Without knowing what you had injected, it is difficult to comment.  Usually it does not leave a depression or a dimple.  Perhaps that is scarring?  If it is a permananet filler like silicone, it is difficult to impossible to remove completely.

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Fillers and scars

It is difficult to use fillers to improve pock marks, although it can sometimes be effective. To remove the filler depends on whether it can be felt through the skin and whether you are willing to have an incision, which may leave a permanent scar, in order to extract it. It may be difficult to remove even under those circumstances. You might be better off trying a laser procedure or chemical peel to improve the complexion, as well as seeing a dermatologist about skin conditions, if you are worried about pimples.

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Remove permanent effect of fillers

If you are willing to trade a scar for a pimple, then surgical excision could be considered. If the scar is place in the natural wrinkle lines of the face it can be barely percepible. However, there can be no guarantees.

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