Feeling Edges of Implant?

i had surgery about 4 weeks ago and i am concerned with feeling the edge of the implant on my right breast and not so much on my left. i am a slim petite girl that went from a 32 b to? ? i had the allergan 320 size put in under my muscle. I was wondering if the tissue or muscle will eventually cover the edges or if massage will work positioning the implant where i dont feel the edges as much. my ps did say my left brest was slighly bigger. Is there any non surgical things i can to improve this?

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Feeling the edge of the breast implant is more common in very thin patients and more common with saline implants.

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Even though your implants are underneath the pectoralis muscle this is no guarantee that some contour issues can arise after surgery. It is much more common in very thin individuals. Saline implants are more prone to the problem although silicone gel implants are certainly not immune to it.

Feeling Edges of Implant?

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It is not uncommon to be able to feel the implant edges, just as it is usual to be able to feel the edge of breast tissue in a patient without implants. This is more common in patients who are slender. Sometimes as the capsule forms around the implants, this sensation becomes less noticeable.

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Feeling implants

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It is normal to be able to feel your implants. If you are very thin, your tissue may not fully cover the implants. If you chose saline implants and have concerns with wrinkling, you might want to consider gel implants. Right now, only 1 month post op, is not the time to do any surgery since your are still healing. If you have fat, it could be transferred into the breast to provide more coverage. Still, it is quite normal to feel the implant.

Connie Hiers, MD
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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Implant edge palpability after breast enlargement

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Thanks for your email. Unfortunately since you already have silicone implants under the muscle and admit to being petite framed ie not carrying around too much excess fat, then there is little that can be done non-surgically to reduced palpability. Even weight gain will not guarantee weight gain where you want it! Options are some fat transfer to the area to soften the area and disguise the edge or opting for a narrower base implant.

Sultan Hassan, MD, FRCS(Plast)
London Plastic Surgeon

Implant edge

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Unfortunately there isn't much you can do non surgically to fix this problem at this stage.

Just wait and see how it all settles down and then reevaluate. You might get lucky and have some breast tissue drop over the edge of the implant to camouflage it.


Pouria Moradi, MBBS, FRACS
Sydney Plastic Surgeon

Palpable edges of the implants

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The palpability of the implants edges are due to thin skin as well as small amount of breast tissue to cover the implant. Sub muscular placement should be used for women with less then 2cm of breast tissue thickness.  Another important factor is the width of the implant. The wider the implant the higher the chances of palpating it. And the last is the type of the implant. Silicone is less palpable. If the implant that was placed was to wide or large changing to a narrower or smaller implant may help with the issue.

Good luck!!!!

Feeling the Implant Edge

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Feeling the edge of the implant is a issue that is really relates to thin tissue over the implant.  Silicone implants are more forgiving than saline implants. There is really not that can be done about this unfortunately.

Dr. ES

Feeling edges of implant

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As a slender female, you may feel the edges of implants. Unfortunately, there is no non-surgical option to decrease the palpability of the implant edges.

Feeling the edges of implant

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It can be normal to feel the implant edge if you feel carefully in the area of the implant. Saline implants are much more likely to be felt then silicone implants. For this reason almost all of my patients choose silicone gel implants. Usually patients who are very thin are the ones who rarely have the issue. In extremely thin patients,weight gain can help to resolve the issue.


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This is a normal thing to feel the edge of the implant. It is true for both saline and silicone, but less in the case of silicone.

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