Will Fat Redistribute After Smart Lipo?

I work out daily and have for years, but have always had inner thighs that seem to be resistant to exercise. One has a bit of cellulite, which really bothers me. A really good plastic surgeon nearby is running a special on smart lipo, but I have a friend who became larger in areas that were never a problem with her after she'd gotten regular lipo. Is it worth this risk for me, considering I'm not that bad in the first place? I'm thin/athletic everywhere but here.

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"Will fat re-locate somewhere else after SmartLipo?"

Wow!  Patients ask me this question all the time!  My answer is simple..."Energy IN equals energy OUT!"  SmartLipo is a great way to destroy fat cells in various stubborn areas, especially the abdomen area after childbirth!  Because the fat cells are destroyed, it is virtually impossible for fat to re-accumulate in treated areas.  HOWEVER,... and that's a loud HOWEVER....let's say you weigh 170 pounds and the surgeon removes 10 pounds of fat from your abdominal area.  If you continue to eat the number of calories it takes to sustain 170 pounds, fat cells elsewhere in the body will expand to accommodate 170 pounds!  Where this will occur is genetically pre-determined!  You cannot fool mother nature! 

So the best approach is to make the decision of having SmartLipo done one that is a "life-changing event"!  It's an investment in a "better, sexier, more contoured YOU!!!"  Eat healthy, exercise 30 minutes at least 3 days a week, and you'll look ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS after SmartLipo for years to come!

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Be cautious of inner thigh lipo or SmartLipo

Inner thigh cellulite will probably not improve after liposuction and can be made worse. The supporting structures of the inner thigh are not the same as the outer thigh and there can be wavy folds in this location after liposuction. It's not as much the concern about gaining weight in other areas after liposuction, because you are active and health-conscious, as it is the susceptibility to develop very irregular contouring of the inner thigh if there is cellulite that is noticable before liposuction.

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If you maintain your weight following SmartLipo, other areas of the body should not enlarge as a result of SmartLipo.

If you maintain your weight following SmartLipo, other areas of the body should not enlarge as a result of SmartLipo.  If you gain weight post SmartLipo, you may gain weight disproportionately in other body areas.

Mark Taylor, MD
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