Is Fat Cavitation Treatment Safe with Umbilical Hernia Repair?

I have had umbilical hernia repair about 15 years ago in the uk and I'm not sure if mesh was used. I have recently had 2 sessions of fat cavitation treatments and during the second session while having the radio frequency, I experienced zapping through my abdominal area followed by a small red rash. Is this safe ?

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Rash after Radiofrequency

    The rash may not be related to the radiofrequency treatment, but if you have a burn instead of a rash this could have been caused by the treatment.

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Treatment of unwanted fat: liposuction or fat cavitation

Fat cavitation is not used in the USA.  There are different types of fat reducing devices all of which either "weaken" or "disturb" or "explode" the fat cells to cause the fat cells to disrupt or weaken and then be cleared with extraction with suction.  Focused ultrasound, Ultrasonic rx, Radiofrequency, Water assisted liposuction are all treatments that can improve contour but should not create a rash

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Radiofrequency does not cause fat cavitation

The treatment you are having is not available in the U.S. but I have quite a bit of experience with RF and focused ultrasound. Simply put, radiofrequency does not cause fat to cavitate; that only occurs with a specific type of focused ultrasound and is difficult to control for fat reduction. Both types of treatment may cause heat which could damage surgical mesh.

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