Fake Juvederm?

About a week and half ago, I received Juvederm, or what I thought was Juviderm, injections in my upper lip at a local med spa. A few days later, I noticed that my left lip had a wrinkled appearance. Concerned, I did some research and learned that Juvederm comes prepackaged in a syringe. However, the doctor who did my injections drew the substance from a vile. In addition, he only charged me $150.00, which I thought was very low. Is it possible that I was given something other than Juvederm?

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Juvederm Injection

Juvederm only comes in prepacked syringes.  Treatements with Juvederm typically cost much more than $150, in fact the product itself costs more than that.   It is very unlikely you received an authentic injection.  It is very important you be a wise consumer and check to  make sure you are seeing a Board Certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon or other qualified Board Cerified professional that would not put your safetly at risk.

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Fake Fillers Exist, Beware

Absolutely, Juvederm comes in a prepackaged sterile syringe meant to be used on a single patient at a single session.   There are no fillers in the US that come in a multi-use vial.  Sculptra however (not a filler but a volumizer that works by stimulating your own collagen) does come in a vial but is not to be used in the lip.  I suggest that you find a reputable board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon to help you sort this out.  Obtaining your medical record from the spa may be helpful but if this spa is misrepresenting the products they use you may not get very far.  A call to the medical board may be appropriate if unapproved material is being used.  

Susan Van Dyke, MD
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Trust only the real Juvederm

Juvederm is not drawn from a vial. Also the price was much too low. A fake Lacoste shirt may do no harm, but a fake filler can cause serious problems.

Robert Kasten, MD
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Most likely not Juvederm

Juvederm comes in prepackaged syringes, so it is not drawn up into a vial. The treatments also cost much more than $150. This situation happens far too often, unfortunately. There are many non-licensed and deceptive injectors out there, so it is extremely important to do your homework. As someone else mentioned, if you suspect fake Juvederm, you may want to consider bringing this to the attention of your state medical board.

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juvederm come prepackeged in syringes. There are lots of fake Botox, and Fillers on the market that have caused much harm to patients.

Juvederm is much more expensive than $150. it is almost $850

What you had is not Juvederm, If you suspect FAKE JUVEDERM call your local MEDICAL BOARD AND FILE A COMPLAINT.


Samir Shureih, MD
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Probably NOT Juvaderm

From what its sounds like, whatever you had injected was probably not Juvaderm at all.  You are right in that it comes prepackaged in its own syringe, and that you are not supposed to use that syringe for anyone else except that patient.  If it was drawn out of a vial, then it is hard to know what it was.  I would find a board certified plastic surgeon the next time you go for a medical procedure ( injections included).  That way you know you are getting someone who adheres to ethical standards and will use FDA products, etc.  I hope this helps.

Christopher V. Pelletiere, MD
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Juvederm may or may not have been the real stuff

Juvederm does come prepackaged in a syringe, but some physicians will separate it into other syringes if they are only using small amounts for specific purposes.  Usually treating the lips will use up a whole .8 cc syringe or more, and it will cost a lot more than $150!  So either he was using a very small amount of the real stuff, or using some fake stuff.  Ask to see the original package next time, and make sure you're going to a reputable place - play it safe at the offices of a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist. 

Douglas J. Mackenzie, MD
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Filler Beware

The use of facial fillers is rising in popularity. Juvederm, Restylane and Radiesse are popular among those seeking to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without surgical intervention.

However, as fillers have grown in popularity so have the dangers of unqualified/unlicensed practitioners performing procedures at cut rate with questionable materials. Many patients are unaware of the risks associated with these procedures especially when performed by unqualified individuals oftentimes using counterfeit fillers.

Tips for avoiding filler related disasters:
-Be familiar with your injector. They should be licensed trained and experienced in both the qualities of the different fillers and how they are to be employed (indications for use? where to use? how deep to be placed? how much volume?). Board certification and experience is paramount.

-Be familiar with your chosen product. The products have different qualities and are thus uniquely suited for addressing different issues or concerns. Some are longer lasting than others. Others are injected at different levels. Often times patients are unfamiliar with available options and it is in these instances crucial that they select an experienced practitioner to guide their choices. Different areas/concerns will often require different products.

-Follow up is important. Often times, patients will need a second look (a few weeks later) following their initial injection to ensure that they have achieved the look that they were seeking. It is at these visits that fine adjustments can be made.

As always a visit with your board certified plastic surgeon can help you clarify what areas of treatment you would like to address and which filler placed where will best address your needs.

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Juvederm Injection

Hello and thank you for the question.

I would be suspicious that the product injected into your lips was not Juvederm given that it was drawn from a vial and you were only charged $150. Juvederm comes pre-packaged from the manufacturer in a syringe. I recommend you follow up with your clinician and find out what the product injected into your lips was.


Glenn Vallecillos, M.D., F.A.C.S. 

Glenn Vallecillos, MD
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Juvederm only comes prepackaged in a syringe from the manufacturer.  What he injected at this center I do not know. You shoudl ask him.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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