If I Got Fake Boobs, Would They Be Squishy? Like They Are when They Are Natural?

im asking because a girl in my class asked me if i had breast implants. im actually really big, and im not 'fat' i just have really big tits this is such a weird question omg

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What do implants feel like in the body

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If you feel a silicone gel implant and a saline implant, you will most likely like the way the silicone gel feels.  Implanted in the body, most patients prefer the silicone gel because it does feel more like a real breast.  Whether you are more likely to feel your implant also depends on how much of your own breast tissue you start off with, if you go under or above the muscle and how large of an implant you decide to go with.   ac

Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

Reality TV boobs

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Reality TV has helped educate everyone about choices in cosmetic surgery including breast implants.  If the only people you see with large breasts are reality stars with implants, than it is not a stretch to assume that anyone with "unnaturally" large breasts has implants.  This is probably where this question has arisen from.

I would answer with a proud response, "no, these are home grown, no implants necessary!"

You may wish to ask Miss Manners

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how to respond to someone who asks you an inappropriate question for which you need not reply!

But perhaps a bit of education is in order for you (and if you care to share) those nosy girlfriends.

First of all, breast augmentation, augmentation mammoplasty, or the more colloquial "boob job" gives you natural breasts whose volume (size) is enlarged via implants, which can be of different types. The two main types are saline-filled silicone elastomer implants, and soft, cohesive (cannot "leak," sticks together like Jello) silicone gel. They come in smooth, textured, round, and shaped, in all different sizes. SIlicone implants come pre-filled; saline implants can be under or overfilled, and this changes how they feel, depending on how much of her own breast tissue a patient has to "conceal" her implants.

Implant choice is dependent upon surgeon and patient, and the best surgeons doing the best surgery obtain the best results, which are NOT "fake" at all--they are breasts enlarged so skillfully that (unless the patient wishes) they are virtually undetectable. And yes, they're soft and squishy. Or, perhaps somewhat round and firm. Like "real" breasts.

Because, of course, once you have examined a few thousand pairs of breasts, you quickly realize that they come in all sizes, shapes, softness or firmness, and textures (since about 50% of women have fibrocystic changes in their breasts).

Large(r) breasts in an otherwise slim young woman might inspire someone to suspect augmentation has been performed, but read the paragraph above again. You're just unique!

Remember to use the power of large breasts wisely! For more information click on the web reference below. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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It isn't likely.

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What you're referring to are large natural breasts with lots of tissue and fat. No matter what, silicon or saline implants won't feel as "squishy" as large and fatty natural breasts. However, silicon implants maintain a very natural feel and it can be very hard to tell. 

Steven M. Katz, MD (retired)
Long Island Plastic Surgeon

Implants and feel

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The "natural" feel will depend upon many factors including the type of implant, the size of implant, the amount of natural soft tissue coverage over the implant, to name a few.

Natural feeling breast implants

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We are very lucky these days to have a wide range of breast implants. This means that women can pick the shape, size and "feel" that they wish. In general saline implants feel less natural than gel implants. So - if you pick the right implant for you they can feel very natural.

Breast implants

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Implants can feel very natural especially if you start with significant breast tissue. Unnatural results are more typically noted with overfilled saline implants. Some people actually prefer this.

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