Failing Tooth After Root Canal

After a tooth has had root canal, and then after that an apicoetomy, how do you know if your tooth is failing and needs to be pulled? what are the signs?

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Root canal failure

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Signs of root canal failure may include pain, swelling or drainage, looseness of the tooth or even no apparent symptoms.  It is for this reason that periodic annual x- ray films of the tooth should be performed.

Laurel Dentist

Failing root canal tooth

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Check with tooth with an x-ray annually if you do not have any symptoms. Any signs of swelling, infection or pain indicates a problem. Your 6 month check-up and cleaning can also detect problems you would not be aware of if the root canal was failing.

Fred Peck, DDS
Cincinnati Dentist

Signs of failing root canal

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The tooth you describe should be checked with an x-ray at least once a year for signs of failure. In general, pain, swelling and bad taste are all things to watch for.

Paul D. Kantor, DDS
Cleveland Dentist

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Failing Root Canals Happen

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People have root canals all the time.  Not all of them succeed. Sometimes they are successful for years and then the root fractures and the tooth must be extracted.  Root canal teeth can get brittle.  Habits like grinding and clenching from stress can sacrifice your tooth.

 First, choose to have your treatment done by a dentist who does a lot of root canals. Endodontics is the specialty in dentistry that focuses on root canals.

Knowing if the root canal is failing is tricky-You most likely be suspicious if you have pain or a gum boil - you need to see the dentist.

A dentist will look for a gum boil, look at the gum pocketing, check your bite and can take an radiograph to check for an abcess.

Options for failing root canals are to re-treat the tooth.  Sometimes there is a root that was missed and a retreat cleans up the infection.  Another option can be an apioectomy.   The root canal specialist goes up at the top of the root, cuts off the edge, cleans out the infection and seals it.  There are some instances where that is successful. 

Otherwise, you need the tooth removed and replace it either with an Implant, Bridge or Maryland Bridge.  Get a good opinion on your options.  Failing root canals do happen. 

Wendy S. Spektor, DDS
Bellevue Dentist

Failing root canal

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A recurring infection, tooth pain, sensitivity to hot & cold swelling & not able to bite down or put any pressure on the tooth those are some of the symptoms of a failing root canal. 

Lawrence Gilbert, DDS
Woodbury Dentist

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