Do Facial Massages Cause Wrinkles and Sagging and Collagen Loss?

I had a facial done this weekend and the person doing the facial massage on me was very rough pulling and tugging on my face for about 45 minutes. I am now concerned it caused some permanent damage in terms of wrinkles, sagging, collagen loss, loss of firmness and fat from the face, torn fibers, etc, etc. Basically she used my face as a Playdough. Is it possible to have some sort of damage even after just one 45 minute incident? Please give me your honest opinion and not sugar coat it. Thnx.

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Facial and wrinkles

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There are many types of facials that can cause some minimal downtime, mild tingling, mild "sun burn" feeling, maybe some itching, even redness and swelling. Depending on the type of facial, if there is any dryness or peeling afterwards, it may give the appearance of wrinkles, that's due to lack of external hydration, but will resolve within a week of treatment. However, in general facials will not cause any of these aging issues. They should not be administered with any force or aggression, they should be relaxing and painless. 

Sorry for this unfortunate experience, don't give up, facials are wonderful and I encourage you to try again somewhere else.

Hope this helps and good luck on your journy to great skin.

Dr. Ahmed

Long Island Family Physician

Do facial massages cause damage

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No, facial massages don't cause damage, but it sounds like you should not return simply because it just sounds painful! Light touches should be applied to the skin. It's not meant to be tugged on. 45 min of an aggressive massage didn't do anything permanent, but OUCH!

Facial Massages

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Thank you for your question. Wrinkles are from a combination of genetics, skin type, sun exposure, facial sagging, collagen loss, and loss of firmness and fat due to the natural aging process. Facial massage will not cause permanent damage to your face. If these are some concerns, I would recommend consulting under the supervision of a Board Certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon for safest and best treatment option. I hope this helps.

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