After my First Extraction Facial, 2 Days Later I Have Multiple Sores/scabs. is This Normal

After my First Extraction Facial, 2 Days Later I Have Multiple Sores/scabs. is This Normal

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Scabs after facial

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Thanks for your question about scabs after extractions. Extractions can be very helpful to help remove comedones and help pustules to heal faster. The success of facial extractions are so provider dependent. I recommend a medical practice for these type of facials.

Paradise Valley Plastic Surgeon
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Scabs after extraction facial

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Scabs or sores can occur after extractions if the technique was too aggressive, or if the skin was too sensitive because, for example, the person was on a topical retinoid or some other exfoliating agent.  Extractions can be an excellent way of getting rid of persistent or deep comedones, but the results will depend on the technique of the person providing the service.  So, no, scabs and sores are not normal after a facial but they can happen.  Provide wound care to the area (e.g. Aquaphor or Biafine) so that the irritated areas will heal better and faster.  if you go to the same facialist, make sure you discuss what happened with him or her and review your other skin care products.

Dina D. Strachan, MD
New York Dermatologist

Extraction facials should not be done

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I absolutely advise my patients against extraction facials. They harm the skin and can even cause permanent marks and dents. What you are experiencing is "normal" for an extraction facial, but again, these should not be done and you can cause permanent damage to your skin, tone, and texture.

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