Facial anatomy and aging? Does the cheekbone or jawbone get wider with age?

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Does cheek bone or jaw bone get wider with age?

The cheek bone and jaw bone do not get wider with age. In fact, it is the opposite. With age, there is actually some resorption of bone.

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The aging process

The cheekbone better know as the zygoma and the jawbone, better know as the lateral mandible both get reduced and thinner with aging in studies done on CT scan of a young group vs an older counterpart.

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Facial Structure and Aging

Thank you for your question. The bones of the face appear to project more due to volume loss in the face and this can give the appearance of bones changing in the face. I hope this helps.

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Facial anatomy and aging? Does the cheekbone or jawbone get wider with age?

Age is characterized by a loss of tissue whether we're talking about bone or muscle/ fat. Over time the cheekbones, jawbones and the soft tissue that pad them tend to atrophy or shrink in volume. Our understanding of aging has changed dramatically and most plastic surgeons are now not only focused on pulling and tightening faces but also replacing the volume lost with aging. For minimal to moderate aging, sometimes volume replacement without surgery can have dramatic effects.

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