Eyebrow Hair Loss, Flaking and Scabbing, Is this a Thyroid Issue?

I've white-ish & yellow-ish scabs forming in my brows: taut, dry & scaly. The sizes of these scabs vary from tiny to chunky (as the pic of the fallen scabs shows). When they come off (while washing my face or just gently lifting them off from the brow), they invariably come off with some brow hair that has been uprooted with them. Please don't suggest Trichotillomania. I don't pluck. I merely dust them off. I'm also suffering from severe hairloss and thinning all over my scalp. Is this thyroid?

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You should schedule an appointment with a dermatologist or primary care physician to determine your specific scalp and eyebrow condition. Both may be due an underlying illness, your thyroid, psoriasis or eczema.


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