What to Expect on 2nd Appointment with PS For Breast Reduction?

My consult was to decide if I was a good candidate. Now that I am approved, I'm wondering what we discuss at the 2nd appt. Do I disrobe again and do we have a better conversation about what size I would prefer if possible? My fear outside of surgery complications and infection is that I won't be small enough to be comfortable. I would like to go as small as possible.

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Second appointment for breast reduction

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Every doctor's office is a bit different.  I always review with  my patients options for treatment and approximate reduction final volume.  It is difficult to "nail down" a specific cup size exactly because all bras are manufactured differently.

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2nd appointment for breast reduction

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Thank you for the question. The second consultation is an opportunity for you to address all the questions that you mentioned. You have to be very clear with your plastic surgeon about what you want to achieve. Also during that consultation, the surgeon will go over the surgery with you in more detail. Best wishes.

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What to Expect during Breast Reduction Consultation?

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Congratulations on receiving approval for the breast reduction procedure; this operation tends to be one of the most patient pleasing operations performed.

You will receive the most accurate answer to your question by calling your plastic surgeon's office. Every plastic surgeon's practice is run differently; therefore you won't receive accurate advice from online consultants.

At some point, make sure that you address all of your “fears” and questions with your plastic surgeon. Communicate your goals as clearly as possible. Sometimes, goal pictures are helpful during this communication process. In other words, going “as small as possible” may mean different things to different people…

Best wishes.

Follow up consult or Pre operative visit

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It sounds like you have very important questions that need to be answered prior to surgery.  Size is very important as it effects your body image, body proportion and even what are the requirements of your insurance company in order for the procedure to considered a covered benefit.  In terms of insurance, the requirement of companies vary greatly.  You may be comfortable with the amount to be removed and meet criteria, but for some insurance companies the amount required as a minimum may be more than you feel comfortable with.  Going as small as possible is important information for your surgeon to know.  You may very well need to undress again and be more specific about size.  Cup sizes can help guide your surgeon, but bra manufacturers vary so widely as to what they may call a "C", do not plan on having a cup size guaranteed only approximated. 


If you have many questions, I would recommend a follow up consulation, than go ahead an schedule.


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For your second appointment it should be considered a pre-op appointment. On that appointment in our practice we talk about what to expect after surgery and all the do and don’ts before and after surgery.



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