Hematoma After Breast Reduction 17 Days Ago?

I had breast reduction 17 days ago. 2 days post op developed a very large hematoma. The drain was removed 5 days ago . For 4 days I was dripping old blood heavy rate. Last evening it stopped Now I have an extremely hard lump about the size of 2 rolls of quarters lon my bra line under my arm. painful and alot of pressure. hematoma Or new complication? How long do hematomas need to heal. Ischeduled for a knee replAcement in Oct and on blood thinner again . Will this effect the hematoma

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Hematoma after breast reduction

As the other surgeons have alluded to is that it is difficult to ascertain what you are describing.  The "old blood" that drained could have been the broken down blood products.  If the lump on the bra line came about after drain removal, then you could have had more blood coalesce into a hematoma.  At the very least your PS should be contacted about what has occured.  Hematomas usually resolve and absorb in 2-4 weeks depending on the size.  The hard lump, though, could just be an inflammatory reaction to the hematoma, which should resolve on its own.  Again, a physical exam by a board-certified plastic surgeon would be able to give you a better idea of what you are experiencing.

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Hematoma after breast reduction.

Hematoma after surgery is a rare but real possibility. Without knowing more about your surgery or seeing before and after pictures and pictures of the progression of the swelling/hematoma, it is difficult to give you specific advice.  Hopefully, you are following closely with your board certified plastic surgeon.  


Good Luck.

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Hematoma after breast reduction

Hematomas can arise after breast reduction. It is impossible to ascertain without a physical exam if you have a seroma or hematoma which would require drainage. Everyone heals at different rates. If you have an infective process, you should not undergo a joint replacement until it has resolved. You should contact your plastic surgeon and be seen in followup.

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Hematoma and breast surgery

Without more information and a proper evaluation it is hard to say how best to treat your hematoma. Commonlly, large hematomas require surgical treatment and washing out the pocket and controlling of the bleeding.

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